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Tom Hall is VP of Experience at Lonely Planet covering all things to do with editorial and brand and a contributor to many travel books including Epic Rides and Amazing Train Journeys and is the author Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips. He also wrote about swimming in Iceland for Watermarks, an anthology of writing and contributes the monthly travel feature in BBC History magazine.

Tom is a regular commentator on travel news and events in the media, including BBC Breakfast, gm.tv, Radio One, Sky News, CNN and Six Music. Tom is an experienced interviewee, public speaker and expert contributor.

He also contributes to a host of other magazines and newspapers in the UK, Ireland and Europe. For many years he was the writer of the weekly Ask Tom feature in both the Observer newspaper and The Guardian’s online travel section.

You can write to Tom at tomhalltravel@gmail.com.

3 responses to “About Tom Hall

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  2. John Connolly

    Ever reviewed or visited Glasgow Tom?

    • Yes – I was there three years ago and am going again soon. Great city so very excited to be returning.

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