Photos of Bath just after dawn

A few pictures from a visit to Bath, England’s most completely beautiful city. These were taken by the Victoria Bridge, also known as Dredge’s Patent Bridge across the Avon, west of the city centre.

The Avon in early morning sunshine

The Avon is most often glimpsed from visitors gawking from around the Pulteney Bridge. Downstream it flows fast through rolling fields, even close to the centre of Bath.

Bristol & Bath Railway Path

The Bristol and Bath Railway Path is a lovely place for a stroll, run or bike ride. As the name suggests, it links the two cities via a disused trackbed. In a style that will be familiar to anyone who has ridden the C2C, you’ll find unusual art along the route.

Norfolk Crescent, Bath

Bath has so many gorgeous honey-covered crescents that after a while you stop noticing them. Norfolk Crescent faces a handsome green which fronts on to the river path.

2 responses to “Photos of Bath just after dawn

  1. The best bit of the Bath to Bristol Railway Path is when you get to Bristol.

  2. I once saw something like a “snow bath” in the mountains. It was like looking into heavens door.

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