Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango

Breathing the lonely word

Regular readers might know of my enthusiasm for Felt, one of the great lost bands. They’re a little less lost right now, thanks to Cherry Red’s reissue series and name-checking by the likes of Belle and Sebastian.

Another landmark in frontman Lawrence’s road to redemption and the legend status he always knew would come one day is the publication of Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango, a fanzine devoted to the band. The first edition sold out quickly, but a fresh print run has just become available. It is limited in numbers but is £10 very well spent.

Lawrence: (sur)name dropper

Fanzines were the predecessors of websites devoted to bands. Hacked together with little more than scissors, glue, a (possibly illegally) commandeered photocopier and bags of enthusiasm. I loved music and football zines, especially for their DIY can-do approach. Smiths Indeed typified them.

Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango is something else though. It’s as beautifully written and thoughtfully packaged as Felt’s albums, and as close to a miscellany about this most mysterious of bands as you’ll find. Reading it makes Felt’s place among bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Smiths and Cocteau Twins in the canon of 80s guitar music much clearer, and you’re sure to laugh, frown and read open-mouthed about the band’s near-misses with fame.

So big up Christian and Mike for shining a little more light on Felt. Read and listen on.

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