Syrian snaps

It feels a little incongruous to be looking at these pictures I took in Syria, still much less than a month ago, when there are such significant events taking place in the country.

Despite that, I would recommend anyone to visit this friendly, fascinating and beguiling country. If not now – and care is needed both not to recklessly recommend a visit nor to put off would-be visitors when many places can be safely visited- then certainly, hopefully soon. I would return in a heartbeat.

Here are some photos I took. I’m not a great photographer but hope they give a flavour of the trip.

Mushabbak: a Roman church close to St Simeon's shrine, north-east Syria

My classy wheels around the limestone massif, north-east Syria

Lovely, remote Qasr ibn Wardan, complete with Spring greenery

Swag-carrying Crusader Guy de Lusignan, one-time Latin King of Jerusalem, prostrate on the rear of a statue of Saladin, Damasus

Krak des Chevaliers looking moody in mist and rain

Madrasa Halawiye, housed in all that remains of the sixth century Cathedral of St Helen, Aleppo

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