Dawn swims



More change. Can you feel it in the water? At the pond change is everyday. It’s never the same twice, and would be disappointing if it was. On Friday I pretend its winter and run up and over Highgate village. Dawn stretches to the east over the city and far beyond, but the sun isn’t high enough to do more than poke through the trees once I’m in the water. Still, summer lingering on, warmer water than you’d expect and the ropes staying out, far out.

Two days later on the stroke of 7am and walking out along the jetty in dark grey rain. It’s still busy, but I forget some people swimming now don’t stick it through the year and have one of those conversations where you sound like a bit of an arse going on about cold weather. Yes, those conversations I really like. Remind me to bore you sometimes. You mean you don’t?

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