In Vigeland Park

On my last day in Oslo I got up early and ran across town. It was frosty and sunny and there weren’t many people about. Doubtless everyone was still sleeping off a Volcano Bowl at the Aku Aku Tiki Bar. Guards on duty at the Royal Palace stood frozen to the spot. After half an hour I reached Vigeland Park, a chunk of Frogner Park named for the sculptor whose work fills the grand avenues and platforms of this imposing and peaceful place.

In Vigeland Park 4

Of all the statues in the main avenue, Sinnataggen (Angry Boy) stands out. The main monolith is an astonishing collection of human figures in a variety of poses. A central totem of figures entwined on top of one another rises fourteen metres into the air.


In Vigeland Park 1

Angry Boy


In Vigeland Park 3

Sunday morning quiet in the sculpture park



On this Sunday morning I had the place to myself and stayed until I started to get cold, when I trotted home past a funky tram junction which has had fountains installed in it. Food for the brain, the eyes and the legs before breakfast in Norway’s capital.

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