New for 2010: bargain London

I wrote some tips for the Daily Telegraph website yesterday on how to see London for less, wearing my Lonely Planet hat. London is never going to be cheap in the way that classic backpacker destinations are cheap, but currency fluctuations mean you needn’t be a Russian oligarch to have a good time here.

What’s the trick? Book ahead for flights and be smart with hotels, getting on mailing lists and looking out for room sales. Americans are used to calling hotels and chancing their arm at haggling to get a better rate – London-bound visitors, especially those planning on going four star or higher, should do the same.

Most of all, make the most of what is cheap or free: bus travel, some of the best museums and galleries in the world and lovely green spaces. While saving money you’ll see the best of the city.

There are more London tips in my free travel planning articles.

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